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Elders of the Narutoverse! by freewolf17 Elders of the Narutoverse! by freewolf17
I scoured the bowels of the Naruto Wikia to try and find all the old Shinobi farts of the Narutoverse and give them this tribute. I mean seriously. They must be pretty BAD @$$ to have lived this long! Only the strong survive! Give it up for them would ya plz!? Bold means it was an update.
From left to right, then WRAPPING AROUND it goes...

R.I.P.- Uzumaki Clan Elder/Leader (Shippuden: Episode 247)
Koharu Utatane (Konoha Council Woman and former teammate of Sarutobi and Homura)
Homura Mitokado (Konoha Council Man and former teammate of Sarutobi and Koharu)
R.I.P.- Genno (Naruto, Trap Master Arc: Episodes 197-201)
Kosuke Maruboshi (known as the Eternal Gennin, Shippuden, Konoha History Arc: Episodes 190 and 239)
Onoki (Third Tsuchikage, Shippuden: Multiple episodes and chapters)
R.I.P- Biwako Sarutobi (Naruto: Shippuden, Chapter 500 or episode 247)
R.I.P.- Mito Uzumaki (Naruto: Shippuden, Chapter 500 or episode 247)

Sannin R.I.P.- Orochimaru, R.I.P.- Jiraiya and Tsunade (Do I honestly have to say anything else?)
R.I.P.- Danzo Shimura (I don't like him... AT ALL! But he is bad @$$)
R.I.P- Chiyo (Haha... Should have put her next to Tsunade just to peeve them both off :XD:)
R.I.P- Hiruzen Sarutobi (Really? Must I go into description?)
R.I.P-Shodai Tsuchikage (Manga chapter 575, I found this digitally colored pic on DA by Stork-sai)
Furofuki (Old medical-nin who lives in the Jofuku Forest, Shippuden, Konoha History Arc : Episode 186)
Chief Elder of Kirigakure (Shippuden: Episode 199, Chapter 454, HIS STAFF IS SICK!)
Hyuuga Elder (Father of Hiashi and Hizashi, Naruto: Episode 61, Chapter 105; Shippuden, Konoha History Arc: Episode 192)
Ebizo (Elder of Sunagakure and younger brother of Chiyo)
Mifune (Head of the Samurai)
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NarutosBrat Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2012
You know what's really fucked up, how Biwako, Gennou, and probably the Uzumaki Elder, most likely got lame ass deaths, especially Danzo (though much props to Danzo being bad ass about it).
freewolf17 Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
............... oh my god you are right.... NOT FAIR! They live to be old they should either get to die like every Shinobi dreams of dying (an old fart of natural causes who lived a full life) or dieing epically in battle! So. Not. Fair.
RedMeg Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
*applauds wildly* I respect ALL of them! (Danzo fangirl) Good job at gathering them all in one place!
freewolf17 Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Danzou huh? Don't see to many of those. What about him do you like out of curiosity? I'm writing a chapter in my fiction that involves him and frankly, as stated in the description, I respect but don't like him. As a writer I want to take a more neutral stand point as all this is from a fifty-four-year old mind of Tsunade in a six year old Tsunade's body point of view and needless to say she hates his guts.( Time travel/Inter dimensional travel (not sure which yet)).

Though this is all done from Tsunade's point of view and she is going to be tormenting the hell out of him with Jiraiya and Orochimaru in tow via misinterpreting something their Sensei said (Well, Oro and Jir misinterpreting and Tsunade taking a... Creative spin on what he said). Needless to say none of them really like Danzou and I don't want it to be complete Danzou bashing even though I don't like him I respect him. I want another perspective on him...

Sorry I'm rambling but... You get what I'm trying to say, right...?
RedMeg Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I will be very happy to give a different viewpoint! I actually started out hating him too, but times have MAJORLY changed... I could rant on for about the length of a college thesis on various points, but I'll try to summarize - just ask if you want something gone into further.
(1) First thing I like about him is that he's the most like a actual ninja in the entire series - secretive, calm, ruthless, intelligent. He was born, raised and grew up most of his life during constant, vicious war, and looking at their world that way - it's been war for around forty or so years, and only recently calmed down, and there have been a couple close calls since then (massacre, Kumo fake treaty) you can see why he has a more military standpoint, and would view the more pacifistic characters as utter idiots.

(2) I disagree with people who say 'he only started Root for personal power and he treats all the members horribly'. He not only treats any members of Root you see (Fu, Torune, Sai) not badly, he's downright LENIENT. Ex: Sai fails to kill Sasuke - botching what probably makes the list of Top Ten Most Important Missions Of The Decade. Then asks if he can keep his current name and stay with Team 7, who likely had something to do with the fact he failed his mission. Danzo's response? '*sigh* It's not like you to fail. Now here's a Yoda speech, and you can go back to Team 7.'

(3) There is also the matter that summons are supposed to reflect the character of the summoner to some extent, and his is the Baku. In popular culture nowadays, you might find the Baku depicted as a villainous or malevolent animal - but if you look past its scary appearance and go into old stories, you'll find it was a benevolent creature that ate nightmares, protected children, and produced good luck. Considering we don't get to see much of Danzo, it's quite possible this indicates there's more to him than meets the eye, and he does genuinely care about the Root kids.

I could continue, but this post is already too long... sorry. I'm new, so I don't know if there's a PM feature, but feel free to ask me any questions. I'm always jazzed to see people who are at least trying to represent him fairly.
freewolf17 Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
no no! continue plz! you are bringing up some points I never thought of! please continue here or in a PM I don't care!
RedMeg Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Well, if other people see these comments they might think about new things to, so I'll continue a bit here.

(4) Danzo had nothing but a reasonable standpoint on the jinchuuriki issue. The jinchuuriki are people in themselves, yes; but they are also super-weapons, and are supposed to stay with the current Kage as much as possible. This serves many important purposes. Hiruzen did NOTHING with Naruto; Tsunade continued with not only doing nothing, but allowing him to leave the village for 2 1/2 years - depriving Konoha of one of its strongest protections for that time - and train with Jiraiya, who is remarkably irresponsible and not really ninja-like at all (he usually manages to break all three prohibitions in his every appearance). All Danzo did was state that he was not going to harm Naruto, but that he was not going to be as careless as Tsunade and let him do whatever he wanted. People usually translate this to mean 'he wanted to evilly lock him up for no reason' or something, but again, considering his viewpoint, it would have been a nightmare knowing for 2 1/2 years that Konoha didn't have its most powerful defense!
I would have loved to see how things would have played out if Naruto and Danzo had ever had an actual chance to talk.

(5) The Sharingarm. Ah, that controversial limb. Personally? I think it's extremely cool. People get angry at him for 'stealing' the Mukuton and Sharingan - this leads right back into the 'ninjas aren't really supposed to have a moral code' point. Also, supplementing your own strength with transplants isn't 'cheating' - it's smart. Especially considering

(a) Danzo was 72 and had been fighting MOST OF HIS LIFE. His body would likely have been utterly wrecked from sheer wear and tear, let alone wounds - the Mukuton would have been a way for him to continue working, with its regenerative ability.

(b) Considering that he brought up that the leader of the Akatsuki was likely Madara at the Kage summit, he was probably expecting attacks from at least one super-powerful Uchiha in the near future. You need a Sharingan to fight a Sharingan - but they had no Uchihas left, due to the Uchihas being douches and trying to take over Konoha (will not go further into that) so he got together some Sharingan and apparently FOUND OUT how to use one of THE most powerful jutsus possible with it. I think that's very impressive, myself.

(c) Controlling Nine-Tails. Again, I personally think he's awesome on this count. He wants to be Hokage, he knows it is the Hokage's duty to be responsible for the Jinchuuriki - so he brought together Mukuton and Sharingan, in order to control the Kyuubi if it tried to break out. Considering that Naruto was losing control more and more in Shippuden, that was a definite worry.

(6) I also really like him for the simple fact that he loves his village. This is something I've been very distressed to see vanishing from most of the people in the series - now it's mostly about 'self-discovery' and 'we're all shinobi together' (which they're really not... anymore) and them even getting rid of their headbands. Danzo was a very 'MY piece of land, that makes it sacred' kind of guy (here's a game: go through the manga and take a drink every time Danzo says 'Konoha' or 'the village'. Call me when you're sober.) and has, over his lifetime, given pretty much everything he has to it.

(7) I do not believe he had anything to do with Hiruzen's death. If he had wanted Hiruzen dead, he could have killed him a number of different ways in the past, considering that not only by the time of the series Orochi-friggin-maru could stroll up to Hiruzen without him noticing hostile chakra, but Hiruzen trusted people too easily and Danzo was his former best friend.

(8) Last point for now, because I think I'm going to keel over when I see how long this is actually posted (I'm just very wordy! I can't help it!) This is an anime thing, but it fits very well with canon to me, so I'll mention it. At the beginning of the Twelve Guardians arc, when Tsunade orders the ANBU to capture Danzo, they really... don't seem to want to. The one man who speaks sounds kind of guilty about it, and makes reference to Danzo teaching them that when you're up against someone of superior skill, you make up for the difference in quality with quantity - while surrounding him with what looks like every member of the ANBU they could possibly locate. That's pretty much a high compliment, and you get the impression they like him a lot more than Tsunade.

Long post is long, lol. Hope I didn't bore you.
NarutosBrat Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2012
I'd like to point out one thing on the Jinchuuriki issue. Naruto was a partially useless weapon at the time that Jiraiya took him. Sure he did his thing against Gaara, but that was mostly stubbornness, and because Gaara had never faced anyone who could pull off the sheer impossibility that Naruto seemed able to.

Him going with Jiraiya, who was likely the strongest ninja aside from Pein in the continent with an interest in Naruto, was also a good idea.

Also, while I agree with you on many points, I have to also say that Danzo's methods with Naruto would have been detrimental in some areas. Naruto being the way he is is obviously key to the Toad Prophecy, and I highly doubt that a Naruto under Danzo's mentorship would have become what Naruto likely needs to be. I also don't think he'd have ever gotten to that point with the Kyuubi's chakra and the control he has over it.

So yes, on many points, Danzo is probably headed in the right direction, but on some things, his mind set wouldn't work out.
RedMeg Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Honestly, I have to say that I always thought the Chosen One business was bunk. I mean, yes, it's canon, but it really pisses me off/seems stupid to me, so I don't usually keep that in mind.

And Jiraiya might have been strong, but he was also a rather personally disgusting human being, IMHO, with things like -

(a) He gives Naruto the Rasengan when he's not ready for it, deliberately withholds information he needs for each step (and his 'you need to figure it out on your own' stuff is CRAP. Naruto was twelve and the Rasengan is A-rank!), doesn't tell Naruto to be careful when the kid's training so hard he's collapsing and so weak he can't hold chopsticks (wouldn't draining his chakra like that mean there might be risk of the Kyuubi breaking out?) and on top of that, leaves him alone all day in the woods while he goes and hangs out in pleasure-houses.

(b) He gives him a lecture about the Three Prohibitions, then takes his money, STEALS IT (please note the caps) STEALS THE MONEY OF A TWELVE-YEAR-OLD WHO HAS BEEN SAVING IT UP and spends it on drink and girls. And never apologizes, or pays him back. Ever. Way to teach the kid that he can trust adults and to respect the Prohibitions, Jiraiya!

(c) He's the kid's godfather, and yet leaves him in the village alone for years on end without even checking in (Hey Naruto? Still getting abused? 'Yep!' 'Okay then, bye!'). Apparently stalking Orochimaru and wandering around looking for a 'Chosen One' talked about by a questionably sane old frog lady is more important than making sure your godson isn't dead.

(d) The douche actually OPENED NARUTO'S SEAL. He loosened the Kyuubi's seal to the point where Naruto's almost constantly going Bijuu in Shippuden. And no, I do not buy the 'oo the Kyuubi's just a fwuffy widdle fox that needs looove!' shtick they're now pulling in the manga. It's evil. It's made of pure evil chakra, and it has killed AT LEAST hundreds of good men, women and children. So no, I do not buy that Minato was all like 'Imma gonna get myself killed and give my son demonic powers instead of raising him because I think he's the CHOSEN ONE!' Therefore, Jiraiya was simply being an utter idiot. Again.

And when Naruto comes back he seems MORE immature than when he left, more quick to lose his temper, more perverted and generally... 'coarse' is the best way I can think of putting it. Not saying he wasn't a street kid, but he showed a definite downturn after Jiraiya spent time with him, and that's led into the end to his loudmouthed idiotic 'YOU'LL DO IT 'CAUSE I SAY SO OR I'LL BEAT YOU UP!' attitude in the manga nowadays. (Of course, Killer Bee also contributed to that...).

Yes, Danzo has his flaws (his major, major flaws) as well, but he has yet to (1) actually harm Naruto (2) steal his money (3) attempt to release the Kyuubi (4) break any of the Shinobi Prohibitions (5) be crass (6) wander away from Konoha for ages (7) or any of the numerous things Jiraiya has done that I believe made the two and a half years he spent with Naruto one of the worst things that has happened to Naruto.

I don't care if Danzo's teaching would have made Naruto into the 'Chosen One', because I look at him in the manga now and see nothing of the character I used to really care about. Instead of improving and becoming more shinobi-like, which is change I would have welcomed and change Danzo's training likely would have provided, his flaws have gotten worse and his good qualities have drastically diminished. He has no grasp on politics (dear God! Flinging yourself down crying in front of the Raikage going 'Pleeease don't hurt my friend!') or, come to think of it, Basic Behavior In The Shinobi World So As Not To Piss Off People, and solves all his problems with brute force and 'cause I say so' reasoning.
*deep breath*
So, this post has probably gone on for way, way too long already, but you touched on something I feel VERY strongly about. I hope I wasn't too rude - I didn't mean to be - and I'm grateful that you said you agreed with me on many points. I apologize for my ranty-ness. I hope that I at least made it clear why I feel about Danzo and Jiraiya respectively in regards to Naruto the way I do, even if you don't agree with me.
NarutosBrat Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2013
A) No one ever accused Jiraiya of being a truly responsible adult. Besides, Jiraiya probably wasn't a good initial teacher for someone with the gaps Naruto had in his education, gaps that Kakashi as his Jounin-sensei should have taken steps to fill, I might add. Also, Naruto exhausting his chakra isn't going to draw out the Kyuubi on its own, especially if he stops at that point which he seemed to do. By the way, you'd be surprised how many spy networks thoughout history had links in brothels. B) Again, no one said the man was a model citizen, and what's to say he didn't pay him back over the course of the 2.5 year training? Besides, I'd like to think he did a pretty good job of getting Naruto to avoid the three prohibitions. Naruto saw Jiraiya, and how not to act, ergo, Naruto probably won't be like that. C) One thing you have to remember, is that in Konoha, and seemingly in the shinobi world, it's village first. Even your guy Danzo was village first, because while misguided in lots of ways, everything he did was for the sake of the village. One thing you have to remember, was that Naruto may have been treated unfairly, but he wasn't abused, that is a fanon concept. Sarutobi wouldn't have allowed it, and Danzo would have long since capitalized on the situation if it were the case. As for Jiraiya, Orochimaru was a serious threat to the village, and if Jiraiya hadn't kept tabs on him, not only would they have not known about Akatsuki, but they probably never would have seen the invasion coming. D) I don't have anything for the partial opening of the seal, because I agree that it wasn't very bright. As for the fox and Minato, Minato had already known Kushina- who was the Kyuubi vessel before Naruto- and knew that it was capable to control the fox's power. What he did was seal part of it into Naruto- as well as some of himself and Kushina- so that when the time came, Naruto would have all the tools he needed to take control of the fox's chakra. I also agree that the Kyuubi wasn't friendly, but given who Naruto has made friends with in the past, can you really say this is unexpected? It's fairly obvious that Naruto has a kekkei genkai that allows him to befriend just about anyone who isn't a douchebag Uchiha. By the way, the reason Danzo never did any of the things Jiraiya did, is because 1) he never had the chance to do a couple of them, 2) we never saw him enough in the series to know if he did or not, and 3) if he left Konoha, then he wouldn't have been able to do his behind the scenes scheming. As far as Naruto in the series, what you have to realise is that Naruto isn't supposed to be the ideal shinobi. He's likely being modeled after Goku from DBZ: not terribly bright, but damn reliable, and always able to find a way to win. Not to mention- even as much as you hate it- that whole Chosen One thing is part of canon, meaning it's important, and Danzo isn't exactly the role model you want for a guy who will either bring eternal peace or eternal ruin, because Naruto would have likely turned out with a similar mindset to Nagato; strongarming the world into peace. So while I'll give you that Jiraiya epically failed in some areas, so did Kakashi, and many others in Naruto's life. That doesn't take away from the fact that no matter what, Jiraiya- despite all of his glaringly obvious faults- was probably the better choice in mentors for Naruto.
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